Novel 1st Draft Complete!!

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been working on a novel.  The first draft is finally complete, with the help of  Scribophile is a writing community where a writer can critique other people’s writing, gather karma points for this work, and then use these karma points to pay to have their own writing critiqued.  It’s a great tool to improve your writing!  Another great tool is Grammarly, which will (at the very least) tell you why all of your commas are in the wrong places and where other commas need to go.

Below is the current Back-of-the-Book summary of my novel:  Retirement Gone to the Dogs.  This summary is giving me fits.  It’s probably too long and can’t go over 300 words.  Please, I’m begging you, let me know how it can be improved.  The story is told from three points of view–the three characters listed below.



People disappear who inconvenience coal baron Dempsey Keyton. For decades, murder has been whispered throughout the forests and hollers of McDade County, West Virginia.  Unaware, Leona Hunter threatens Dempsey’s plans to restore his wealth.

Leona and her husband, Issac, retired to a twenty-acre homestead in McDade County.  They don’t know Dempsey.  They don’t know Kiera, or that she died of an overdose.  They don’t know their son is a drug addict who deals when he visits on the weekends.  Leona believes she has an idyllic rural life making love to Isaac, gardening, keeping chickens and going on long hikes through the surrounding forests with her beloved dogs. Then her life is pulled into the hidden darkness rooted in McDade County, and all that she depends upon is stripped from her piece by piece, leaving her alone with her dogs to fight against forces she doesn’t understand.  It all began when Kiera died.  To end the madness, Leona must first discover the truth behind Kiera’s death.