Hens Gang up on Predator

Two months ago we adopted an endearing 6.5 pound stray cat infested with fleas.  We called her Trail Cat, because that’s where my husband found her and we didn’t know her well enough to pick the right name for her.  The right name is Monster.  She terrorizes all of our much larger cats and dogs because it’s fun and she’s easily bored.  She’s also outrageously affectionate, bold and confident.  Monster met her match today, I witnessed a new thing:  hens ganging up on a predator.

The flock is fifteen fully grown hens, one young rooster and five 2-week old chicks naturally hatched out by a hen.

I had just let the chickens loose for the day.  My back was turned, but evidently Monster thought it would be fun to capture a chick.  I heard the mother hen let out a shriek of hen rage and I spun around to see Monster being chased across the yard by mamma hen all fluffed up with fury.  Monster slowed as if to change her mind but the hen landed on her pecking and Monster bolted.  Another fluffed hen attacked from the side, and blindsiding Monster, got a few pecks in.  They chased her in two loops under the grape arbor.  A third joined!  Mamma hen went back to guard her chicks, and a forth hen joined in and they chased Monster clear out of the back yard onto the front porch for cover.

Trail cat was a sad cat.  Then Monster returned and hit Ava (Miniature Schnauzer mix) in the nose, hissed at Pumpkin (twice her size), and feels much better.

Going in Style Movie Review 2017

Going in Style gets a solid 4 out of 5 stars

Going in Style Trailer

Recall, 5 scored movies have the potential to become icons, legends:  The first three Star Wars movies, Blade Runner, Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, Philadelphia Story, The African Queen, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.  (I also include quirky personal favorites like Tremors, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Secret of Roan Inish and most of the Marvel movies.)

A 4 is simply a movie I enjoyed!  Money well paid!

Our trio of clever, crotchety heroes are acted by Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin.  That’s really all I needed to know to go to the movie, but in addition there’s the eternally cute and sexy Ann-Margret (who thankfully still looks like Ann-Margret, though a bit more plump).  She’s like an amused, determined purring cat. Then we have the righteous mission against evil companies and banks, and a helpful rogue who has morals, and rescues cute dogs from ditches.  There’s slapstick, old people getting high, good oblivious people loving our cantankerous heroes.  Christopher Lloyd is a wonderful, perhaps senile, comrade who pops in to be silly from time to time.  Matt Dillion is a self-righteous FBI agent who wants to bring our righteous heroes’ down.

Not a complex plot, but the movie made me laugh several times and feel good at the end.  A perfect movie to have a low-key good time. Guaranteed. If you need complex, intellectual movies, or a lot of MMA and explosions, this is not the movie for you.  Also, it would be almost as much fun to wait and watch it on T.V.