Kong: Skull Island — Movie Review with some spoilers

I won’t tell you how it will end.  Maybe Kong dies, maybe he doesn’t.  But I couldn’t explain how wonderful this movie is without some spoilers.

This review is late because I wasn’t keen on watching this movie.  I hate how all of the other King Kong movies end.  I like Kong better than all of the people in all of those movies, and wish he had bullet-proof skin and could smash all those nasty little planes.  Maybe break a female gorilla free of her New York zoo prison, and escape to make little Kongs.  The worst was seeing Kong hit with all of those bullets, starting to fall, catch himself, and etc., etc. and etc.

If you felt the same way, early in this movie you will have your catharsis, finally.  Hmmmm.  There is smashing.

And then there’s a villain, because of the smashing.  A humorous sidekick.  A hero.  The acting is good enough.  The Kong CGI work is excellent.

Perhaps the finest actor of all is the 1970’s, brought forth in colorful and accurate detail.  I laughed out loud with fond memory when someone talking on the phone (handset) walked too far away so the phone (base) smashed to the floor.  I suppose younger people wouldn’t think it funny at all.  Vietnam war era music was front and center, and that’s always a good thing.

Human actors:  Tim Hiddleston (hero; Loki in the Marvel movies), Samuel L. Jackson (villain), John C. Reilly (humorous side kick), John Goodman (crazy professor) and Brie Larson (new-age Fay Wray).  I think John C. Reilly did the best with his role, but they all did well.  At first I didn’t even recognize Tim Hiddleston since he was so different from Loki.

I realize this isn’t really a 5 out 5 worthy movie, but I enjoyed it as much as any 5 out of 5 movie.  Never claimed to have high-brow tastes 🙂

If somehow you missed the trailer, here it is:  Kong Trailer