Disgusting and True Medicinal Garlic Story

I know a lot of the alternative/natural cures don’t work, but two things:  1)  If you have a vitamin/mineral deficiency, filling that gap will work like a miracle, but if you don’t have that gap, taking the vitamin/mineral won’t do a thing.  2)  Garlic is the real deal, but probably not in a daily pill.  

Below is an interesting, disgusting and true garlic story.  Should you try anything similar, you should check with your doctor first because if it somehow goes badly for you I am not to blame!

The last time I had the flu, several years ago, as it was ending I felt it trying morph into a bacterial infection (as typical) in my sinuses. I took massive amounts of finely chopped fresh garlic several times a day. I mean 2-3 Large cloves mixed in salsa and on a few chips every few hours all day long. I quit after two days – on a Friday evening, I think. I thought that would be enough time for it to get out of my system by work on Monday. Well, Monday wasn’t too bad, but by Tuesday people at work work were giving me horrified glances. I couldn’t smell a thing and thought, the odd people you meet. When I came home, Joe looked shocked, grabbed my face looked it over and into my eyes. “You look okay,” he said, “but you smell like a corpse. We need to get you to the ER.” I busted out laughing, since now I understood those poor work mates. “It’s the garlic,” I said. He was sure it wasn’t, because it no longer smelled like garlic (but it was). I showered, brushed my teeth gargled, did no good. The horrible smell was coming out as I breathed. The next day it was gone.

Well, two things: 1. That incipient sinus infection beat feet out of there even before I quit taking the garlic. 2. Whatever that garlic-toxic stuff is, it at least gets into your blood – how else could it have blown out of my lungs with each breath? That means every place but the brain and bone marrow, maybe nerves and cartilage, was infused with it.

I have avoided the garlic carpet bombing ever since, but if I ever get something serious and bacterial, just expect me to smell like a corpse. Don’t be too alarmed (or feel you have to stick around).

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