Goliath Review

Goliath, Amazon Series:  5 out of 5 stars

Goliath stars Billy Bob Thornton as a gifted attorney who is divorced, living in a motel, and drinking his life away.  Of course, there is a teenager who is down on dad but loves him too.  (The actress is obviously too old for the part, but let that go; she’s just filler and fades.)  As the name implies, Billy Bob (Billy McBride) takes on the evil giant and wins.  It’s okay to know how it will end because the ride is so thrilling, Billy Bob is so entertaining and the surprises just keep on coming:  lesbian love gone wrong, FBI friend and foe, mental megalomaniacs strife with weaknesses, good people crushed and crushing, small people improving, powerful people crashing, a hooker with a heart of gold-but-really-tin (poor thing), a wonderful brassy broad, odd ocean-death tempting and a lovely stray dog.  The only thing I hold against this show is that the dog is not given more food.  What a great package of eclectic bits.  I binged it over a few days.

The first episode is a little slow, but don’t let that concern you.  This episode sets the stage, like a diver fidgeting on the diving board before the plunge.  The diving board time is critical, but not the main event.

The series is eight 1-hour episodes long and free with Amazon Prime.  It might be worth paying for Amazon Prime just to watch this series.

Billy Bob is Back!