Weed Patch Surprise!

dscn1231This weed patch is where I planted left-over seeds, but then grass and weeds took over.  The corn didn’t amount to anything and the okra not much.  Some doughty marigolds did well along the edges, and I was collecting seeds when I saw a Kabocha squash at my feet. Then tromped through the weed patch and found numerous squash — more than in the devoted squash patch.  I’m sure I missed some, as the color is hard to pick out from half-dead weeds.  Some were very small, but they were fine.  The squashes have chosen, and next year this will be the (tended) squash patch.

The result was about 2 gallons of squash, which is excellent for making pies, but that’s a lot of pie!

I had a Japanese guest for dinner, and he fondly remembered Kabocha squash and hadn’t had any since he’d left Japan.  So, I took some of the squash and (raw) cut it into bite-sized chunks, coated them with coconut oil, brown sugar and a little salt, and roasted in a 400 F oven.  The best squash ever.  Better than butternut, better than acorn, and certainly better than pumpkin in all ways.

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