Excellent Phone Notification Management App

Like Darth Vader confronting Obi-wan, with this app, You will be the Master.  Tired of texts waking you up?  Tired of sales calls interrupting what you’re doing?  There’s no need to be limited to unique ring tones or blocking.  This app opens up a whole world of phone-control, and totally eliminates the feeling of being a slave to your phone:

Sound Profile +volume schedule

This app is for Android phones with Lollipop or Marshmallow operating systems.  I did have to pay $3.25 for the pro-key to get all of the features I wanted, but the convenience provided is well worth every penny.  The app does more than I use it for (as do most things electronic).  The reason I’m writing this review is because it does wonderful things for me that no other app I could find would do — I started off with what I wanted and searched and searched until I found this One App.

I wanted an app that would permit only phone calls to go through when I’m sleeping.  That’s all I wanted, but I got more:  the ability to block all calls from hidden numbers or phone numbers that not in my phone book (or both).  Don’t want to completely block them?  You can make the notifications really quiet so they can be ignored and checked later when more convenient.


Each Sound Profile in the main menu, shown above, can be scheduled for times that suit you.  Then notifications (calls, notifications, multimedia, system and alarms) under each Sound Profile can be specified, including the option for unique notification types/sounds/volumes for hidden numbers or for numbers not in your phone book.  Exceptions can be added for any of these.

Personally, in Normal mode:

  • All hidden numbers are completely blocked.
  • For numbers not in my phone book, texts will come through with no notification, and calls come through very quietly.  This way I’m not bothered, but when I pick up my phone for some other reason I will see what came in.  (If the calls are blocked you will never know the calls were made).
  • Calls from my phone book are as loud as possible, since I often leave my phone in my purse.

For Night mode these are the same except phone calls are soft, and I get no notifications except alarms, and phone calls .


Here is a more complete description of what this app can do:

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