Vegetable Chowder

Chowder cooked later with salmon (sauce has cooked down)
Chowder cooked later with salmon (sauce has cooked down)

Since the idea is to use up garden stuff, I’m only going to provide measurements for the stock and roux.

Start with one quart corn stock (water that ears of corn were cooked in).

Add green beans and new potatoes.  When cooked strain out vegetables and set stock aside.  Put vegetables on a cutting board.

In already used pot, add 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 of flour (the roux) and cook on medium.  Mix up.  Add thinly sliced onion, chunks of jalapeno and garlic cloves.

In between stirring roux while it cooks:  chop green beans; smash potatoes; set aside.

When roux-vegetable mix is lightly browned, add the stock.  Use stick blender to blend.  Cook until thickened.

Add in set-aside vegetables, plus corn and a chopped tomato.

Add a handful of cheddar cheese and bacon bits.  Cook until cheese is melted through it.