Ridiculously Easy Dill

Seeds harvested today (7/31/16)
Seeds harvested today (7/31/16)

Dill is a savory spice, most often used to season rye bread, but it’s also good in beef and potato dishes.  It’s ridiculously easy to grow, and is tolerant to most abuse.  Except for its tastiness, it’s essentially a weed.

Put the seeds in the ground in the spring, it doesn’t much matter when, but make sure it’s a place where you’ll want dill in the future as it will reseed itself forever.  But don’t be unduly alarmed — this is a convenience rather than a curse as only a handful of plants will come up and they’re easy to pull out if you don’t want them.  Pull them out before they go to seed, and the extermination will be done.

The leaves are nice chopped up in omelets, or in potato salad.DSCN0787

To harvest the seeds, when the seeds turn brown, rub them off into a bowl.  If they don’t rub off easily, they aren’t ready, yet.  Put them in a little jar.  That’s it.

Volunteer dill in the corn patch. Each tiny flower, on each tiny stalk, will form a dill seed.