Updated & Finished: The Making of a Logo

2013-12-25_13.27.00Making the logo for this website was a horrible experience — artists are not paid enough.

After setting up this webpage, I couldn’t stand the thought of more computers, so used a picture, an idea, tracing paper (in the junk office supplies drawer), black magic marker, and a camera.  I always keep acrylic paints on hand, but there was no white and the black was running low, so I bought new paints and sprung for some good detail brushes while I was at it.  I cut the picture out, did some tracing, picked my favorite, and then used magic marker.  Not too bad; going well!  Then I painted it, third picture below.

DSCN0664       DSCN0665       DSCN0671

The paint wrinkled the paper and was shiny, the camera picked up every brush stroke, and when I tried to scan it in, where black parts in the white and the black lines were white in the middle.  Many prints and fixes later, black and white are as they should be, there are no brushstrokes and the lines are more uniform, but the still insufficiently polished logo has a squashed skull and puffy hair.  I like the 3rd one, above, better.  As Scarlett would say, “Tomorrow is another day!”



UPDATE:  Just finished both the icon and the logo.  It’s utterly ridiculous how long it took to get these simple things done and sort-of working — probably would have taken less time if I had normal hand eye coordination.  I’m done with art for the next 50 years, at least.

160719 LOGO 70                160729 LOGO

2nd update, really the last:

160729 FINAL Icon